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This site is located on a server in Amsterdam NL and it is was founded by a small group of Dutch artists in 1996. Although much of the material presented here is considered to be pornography in many countries, it is the strong conviction of the founders that looking at imagery concerning the act of love will do no damage to your health. Click on the buttons to your right to start your journey through the past and present of erotic art.


The Leslie‐Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, in association with The Kymara Gallery, presents XXX: Sensuality Through the Eyes of the Photographer, a group show of erotic images featuring unseen work by internationally respected photographers Mick Rock, Jan van Breda, Hans van der Kamp, Lee Black Childers, Anton Perrich, Dennis Morris, Sue Rynski, Clayton Patterson, Stanley Stellar, Michael Rosen, and Charles Gatewood. [ Read more… ]

The Leslie‐Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art

Dr. Gloria Brame, who is recognized as one of the world’s leading sexologists, has expanded her internet presence to include podcasts, a form of internet radio on demand. She and co-host, Jennifer Bangs, offer interesting and educational discussions on human sexuality, with all of it’s wonders, twists and kink on her new weekly show.

The podcast, which airs each Sunday evening at 10:00 p.m. (EST), includes the latest news headlines, and topics that range from “Asexuality and Object Fetishes” to “The Joys of BDSM (parts1 & 2)”, and all stimulating points between. Guest speakers are also invited to lend their input and advice on important topics such as Internet Privacy with attorney, David Browde.

So, be sure to tune in and follow Dr. Brame as she offers her experience, opinions and advice at http://www.spreaker.com/user/gloriabramephd. A list of her prior podcasts is also available to listeners in case you’ve missed one and are a little “behind”. [ The Gloria Brame Show on AMEA ]

Artist Michael Hinkle started modeling for photographers that were exploring the male nude. Working for photo-shoots came natural to him. The resulting images were moments in time that he collected and organized. They also became the main inspiration for his strong, vivid and colorful paintings.
[ Click here to visit his exhibit ]

Photographer K Leo: We live in a freakishly marvelous world. I am perpetually amazed at the places, faces and precarious situations that surround us all. Mirth and beauty throughout.
[ Click here to visit his exhibit ]

Back in 1996 we had a Peter Fendi exhibit. The reproductions were made for 800×600 screens, making them look like stamps on larger screens. There were 5 images at the time and we restored the exhibit and added 11 more. [ The art of Peter Fendi ]

For all you romantics out there, the works of Jeff Wack are on-line now!

We are happy to announce the exhibit of the erotic wire sculptures by David Zalben. In a way the sculptures, though very “undigital” in form and shape, are interactive. Make sure to check out the videos to see how these works of works of art interact with the viewer.

For Research in Sex, Gender & Reproduction

Hans van der Kamp - Photographs

Strict Nurse


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