Video: Gloves

Video gloves

Amea Movies Gloves Video stuttering? Download it here. Now and then – as an experiment – we will be posting a film clip at AMEA to make up for the loss of the movies section. This clip that we named ‘Gloves’ was donated by Moskito Films and the director/filmer is unknown but it looks like …
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We are back!

© Félix Valloton

We are back! I guess we can apply for a mention in the Guinness Book of Records for totally revamping the AMEA site in less than 48 hours. It needed to be done and there was not much time to do it, so if run you into any problems on the new site, please report …
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The Forum

Thomas Rowlandson

The Forum Our forum, The Hidden Archives has a long history. It was deleted years ago because of all the negativity of the administrator and his faithful posters. It got so bad that I almost killed this virtual museum, despite the many visitors. Instead I neglected this site for many years. Until a little over …
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