Erotic art exhibit: Divine Inspiration

These (colored) engravings are taken from the 1748 edition of Histoire de Dom Bougre, one of the most famous books in erotic literature. In it, the author Jean Charles Gervaise de Latouche (1715-1782) made Saturnin look back on his love adventures, often situated in a convent.

Divine Inspiration 1
Divine Inspiration 2
Divine Inspiration 3

In those pre-revolutionary days pornography was often the vehicle to criticize religious and political authorities. This work therefore belonged to the category of ‘philosophical books’ and was banned not so much in the name of decency but rather because of the threat it represented to religion. Despite all the scandal Dom B created, the illustrator has remained anonymous.

Divine Inspiration 4
Divine Inspiration 5
Divine Inspiration 6

Divine Inspiration 7
Divine Inspiration 8


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