Julian Murphy

Julian Murphy is one of the few contemporary artists in the world who can truly claim to be originating a new form of expression. His style remains highly unique and instantly recognizable, even though his subjects and media have constantly evolved from his early creations. His canvases now include furniture, clothing, musical instruments and three-dimensional art as well as nearly 250 of his beautiful and painstakingly hand drawn masterpieces.

Julian Murphy describes his work as “Tantric Pop Art” a cunning combination of eroticism and visual innuendo that emphasises the life-confirming sexuality of our surroundings: in Murphy’s mind, it has been man’s subconscious that have shaped the artefacts, buildings and furniture which make up our environment and everyday world.. sex is in the mind’s eye of the beholder. Our sexuality is not only defined by our desires, but in the way we present our selves to the world through highly fetishistic consumer trends.

Murphy: “Most erotic art tends to be about fantasy, the fantasies of the artist, my art is about observations through one set of eyes, just as God created us, we created him in our likeness, in fact I believe everything we create is in our likeness, it is very deep rooted within us. Survival is our strongest instinct, to survive we must reproduce and to reproduce we must indulge ourselves in sex, as Freud points out to us, sex is in essence everything”. His success is marking out new territory and Julian has won critical acclaim from all parts of the world.



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