Manfred Holz

Art and Perfection by Manfred Holz

One look at the art of Manfred Holz and you can feel the obvious love for his main theme in erotic art and you cannot help but admire the patience and commitment that went into creating such stimulating and perfect sculptures that are obviously a roadmap to his deepest passions.

Manfred Holz was born in 1967. After an education in the arts as a painter and a sculptor he started working as an independent artist. He openend his own studio in 1988 in Frechen near Cologne. He likes to call his work ‘Surreal Erotic Art’ since there is no existing art movement that defines the way he is working.

His main theme is to create a three-dimensional shape for his thoughts lingering between fantasy and reality of form and content using ceramics, bronze, stone, etc.

Round organic shapes melt into a highly erotic physical result seducing the viewer to touch it. Sculptures and everyday objects become pieces of art through his surreal approach and by doing so his works are highly authentic and recognizable.

For more information, or to contact the artist directly, please connect with Manfred Holz on his Facebook Page.


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