Juliette by Marquis de Sade

sadeAt the end of his life Citoyen Sade, better known as Marquis D.A.F de Sade denied to be the author of Juliette. Insulted he was, that nobody had seen that the style of that infamous book was way below his standards.
Like all great con-men he wanted to go out in style. To be remembered as the Great Philosopher. Well, some claim he is. What a pity. There were so many good philosophers around in his days, but there was just one pornographer as great as D.A.F. de Sade.
The illustrations below are from a Dutch printing of Juliette from 1789.
Like the Citoyen he did not want to sign his work, but if it wasn’t Borel, it was somebody who knew very well how to copy him.

Marquis de Sade on Wikipedia

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