The Hidden Photographs by Corneille

CorneilleCorneille Guillaume Beverloo (3 July 1922 – 5 September 2010), better known under his pseudonym Corneille, was a Dutch artist, born in Liège, Belgium. He studied arts in Amsterdam, Netherlands and became one of the founders of the legendary Cobra Movement.

Corneille was best known for his vividly colored paintings and his primitive looking, yet very sophisticated sculptures. Very few people know that Corneille was also a photographer who liked to explore eroticism.

Many years ago we came across a series of these photographs during a visit to Corneille’s representative in the Netherlands. He left us alone with the prints and a scanner, so what were we to do?

It seemed such a shame to withdraw these photographs from the public eye, so we went ahead and scanned the series, feeling guilty on one hand because we knew the artist who was then still alive had no interest in going public with the photographs. On the other hand the idea that these images would stay behind locked doors felt too hard to simply accept.

Now, more than six years after Corneille’s death in Auvers-sur-Oise, France we feel it is time to go public with these incredible images.


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